Practice Law... Not Typing

(it's free!)

Filling out legal documents from templates sucks because it is still a manual process that doesn't catch mistakes. CaseDOC is a tool that lets you create legal templates in Word and it creates documents from those templates, automatically filling in the information for you.

The best part is that it's easy - if you know how to use Word, you already know how to use CaseDOC.


  • Lets you create legal documents you'll use again and again
  • Saves you time by reducing manual work
  • Eliminates boilerplate editing errors
  • Helps ensure documents are complete
  • Improves productivity and profitability
  • Lets you create legal forms and templates with dynamically included / excluded sections based on options you select


Download Version 1.2 today.

Not just a trial - it's free, as in free beer.
The time you'll save is priceless!

You can start with a Word document you already have, or create a new one. Define and add text labels that will be filled in. You can also add conditional flags to control sections that are included or excluded based on data.
Add descriptive information, searchable tag keywords
Each time you generate a document from your template, caseDOC prompts you for the values to be inserted. Enter values or load them from a file. Click OK.
caseDOC starts Word and generates your document.
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