Find Lost Time... Bill For It

It's free. How cool is that?

Time is money. When you bill by the hour, time is your stock in trade. Once it is lost, it's gone forever.

Lawyers, consultants and other professionals who value productivity use caseTIME to improve efficiency and focus.

CaseTIME doesn't replace your existing time and billing software. It works with it to make sure that all the time you spend on matters is tracked and billed.


  • Tracks time as you work
  • Tracks time spent in documents, websites and other applications
  • Find lost time that can be billed
  • Find wasted time spent on non-productive activities
  • Switch tasks without losing track of time spent
  • Stepping away? No problem - caseTIME prompts you to track time when you return


Download it today.

The software is free. Your time isn't. Bill for it.

Just launch caseTIME and click the start button. Then get to work. As you work, caseTIME works silently in the background and tracks the time you spend in each application. Even if you switch between applications, caseTIME keeps track of all the time spent on each activity.
Add manual tasks on the fly
Away from your desk? caseTIME will automatically remind you to record your time.
Export activities, tasks to Excel and flat files.